It’s Not About Who You Are

It isn’t about who you are

Sitting on the bus, wait for it to go, I was reminded of the times when I was talking to two street musician boys when I was in Bandung.

That’s when Lutfi and I had dinner and asked these young men to sit down and eat with us. We chatted a bit, and what made me interested in them was when I asked about their dreams.

They told us that they want to be an architect and an engineer. However, they realized they will not be able to make it happen, because they have to work to feed their seven brothers. Moreover, their father is only a public transportation driver.

Actually, what makes me sad is when they told us how they can’t pursue their dreams when they are just driver’s kids. It really makes me sad.

Children, you can be whatever you want when you put your mind, effort and especially your heart into it. God is always open to what you want, regardles of who you are. Put your faith in yourself and God. Because the one that can change your life is not your friends, your parents, or even your teacher. It is you, Kids!

And the one who can make it into a reality is God Almighty. So put your faith in Him!

Remember, it is not about who you are, but who you want to be !!

Kota Kembang

Alhamdulillah setelah tidur selama dua setengah jam, sampai juga di kota kembang, kota Bandung! Sangat berterima kasih kepada Primajasa yang sudah mengijinkan saya untuk tidak menyetir, tetapi meminta saya membayar Rp 75 ribu (ya iyalah, kalau nggak mana bisa naik Primajasanya,lol)

Seperti biasa, selalu menarik untuk dilihat, dan dirasa. Saat ini saya sedang di bus Damri yang sudah di upgrade dibandingkan bus damri yang dulu. Sangat nyaman dan ada upgrade AC nya juga. Kalau dulu AC (Angin Cepoi-cepoi), sekarang sudah AC (air conditioner). Alhamdulillah.

Ditemani alunan lagu sound track film Titanic yang dimainkan dengan indah oleh akang pengamen dengan biolanya.

Bismillah, semoga perjalanan ini lancar dan berujung bertemu buah hati dan malaikat kecil ku tersayang, Muhammad. 


It’s Hard To Start Again

Hard to start again
It’s hard to write something now that I have paused at my writing for a long time #’re.lazy LOL
Makes me remember that when I started writing this blog, it was interesting. I really liked it that way. But for some reasons, I just took a long pause.
At this point now, I realized that I just need to write every single thing that happens in my head. I do not know why, but I thought I would be crazy if I did not write it. Although, sometimes (and most of the times) hard to pull it out of my mind. Maybe I just have to get used to writing again.
I only hope that I can write again. Because it’s fun to read something, and I hope I can write something nice for others to read.

Yes. YOU!

What do you think about YOU today?

Happy? Sad? Angry? or Embarrassed?

My friends, I remember I have read it once in an article that,

Every decisions that you made is going to affect your future.

I think, it’s true that every single decisions that we made, we do, and we belief is affect our future, even in tiniest segment of our future. We now, are the product of our decisions that we made days, weeks, months, even years ago. Don’t blame anyone for what you are now. It’s ourselves that make us right now. Bad news.

Good news is we still alive, and reading this means we have a hope for a brighter future. We can make our future brighter, how? Make the best decisions right now!

Change our attitude, from bad, to good.

Change how we see the world, from negative to positive.

It’s hard. It’s going to make you devastated. But, the great news is it will give you to the best YOU!


“Change your decisions if you want different result. Remember, what you are in the FUTURE depend in what you are NOW!”